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Terror Attack Foiled in France !


Photo: commons.wikimedia.org
Author: Michel Abada

The French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve announced on Monday that seven people belonging to French, Moroccan, and Afghan origin, aged 29 to 37, had been taken in custody on Sunday in relation to a terror plot.

Two of the men were arrested in Marseille while the others were arrested in Strasbourg . “An attack has been foiled … The scale of the terrorist threat is enormous and it is not possible to ensure zero risk despite everything we are doing,” he added. The arrests took place as a result of an over-night raid by the French police.

Mr. Cazeneuve did not share any details regarding the exact target of the planned attack. The mayor of Strasbourg said it appeared that the plot had focused on “the Paris region”. However the arrests have taken place just a few days before the opening of the world’s largest and oldest Christmas markets in Strasbourg. Now the authorities might delay the opening or cancel the event altogether due to the perceived risk.This plot indeed is alarming and evident of the constant threat that terrorism is posing in today’s world.

It is noteworthy that this attempt was intended to take place close to the anniversary of Paris Attacks where the Islamist militants killed 17 people in Paris in January 2015 in an attack on Charlie Hebdo whereas about 130 people were killed in an attack on the capital in November of the same year. In addition, 86 people were killed in Nice in July.