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This Is What Happened To Alabama Police Officer After His Attack On Michelle Obama!


Photo: commons.wikimedia.org
Author: Rivers A. Langley
Joel Husk, 37

BLM are you happy now?! So our police is anti racism and anti hate speech after all?!

So everything that BLM said about our police is a lie?!

Stupid morons, when are they going to grow up?!

According to Daily Mail:

An Alabama police officer has been fired after sharing what many consider to be racist memes, including on about Michelle Obama, on his personal Facebook page.

Talladega Police Officer Joel Husk was terminated on Wednesday from the police department in the city, Talladega City Manager Patrick Bryant said.

Husk shared a meme on his page showing pictures of Melania Trump with the words, ‘Fluent in Slovenian, English, French,Serbian and German’ and another photo of Michelle Obama with the words ‘Fluent in Ghetto.’

Bryant stated that the two posts violated a long-standing policy of the police department, the city of Talladega’s code of conduct and their social media policy. ‘We will not tolerate that kind of conduct by any employees,’ Bryant told WBRC.

‘We take very seriously our responsibility to treat everyone equally and equitably.

‘We have to make sure we take steps for the community to trust us.’

He told The Washington Post that the statements Husk posted are ‘deemed to be biased or racially insensitive or derogatory can affect the community’s trust in the police department and, when that happens, we have to take action to correct it.”

Great move! Nobody should use hate speech and attack black people, especially not our first lady! America has to be united over respect of all races and all people!