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Who will be the new Secretary of State? Trump Once Again Surprises Everyone!


Image / www.flickr.com / Author – Gage Skidmore

Proving once again that he is unpredictable, President-elect Donald J. Trump met his rival Mitt Romney on Saturday afternoon. After the half an hour meeting, it was unclear whether Mr. Trump offered the State Department position to Mr. Romney or not but the very gesture of Mr. Trump reaching out to his rival reveals Trumps ability to surprise his supporters and rivals alike. John Feehery, a Republican strategist, said Mr. Trump was showing “great magnanimity” by reaching out to Mr. Romney.

This move especially came out as surprising since the meeting took place a day after Mr. Trump announced his choices for key security-positions. After he came out of the meeting, Mr. Trump declared, “it went great”. Mr. Jason Miller, who organized the meeting and who is a spokesperson for Mr. Trump’s transition team, stated that the move, “really shows the reach and the depth to which we are going to pull in diverse ideas and different perspectives as we form this administration.”

Mr. Romney evaded reporters’ questions regarding Trump’s offer of the key position or if Mr. Romney had apologized to Mr. Trump for his criticism of him during the campaign.

Michelle A. Rhee, a Democrat who served as the chancellor of public schools in the District of Columbia from 2007 to 2010, was also present at the Saturday meeting with Mr. Romney. Could Ms. Rhee become the new Education Secretary? Ms. Rhee proved difficult for the teachers as she infuriated the teachers’ unions by expelling teachers who had received poor evaluations and by endorsing vouchers to allow poor students to attend private schools. Interestingly, contrary to Mr. Trump’s ideals of getting rid of the set of education standards known as Common Core, Ms. Rhee, supports the program. She is also the founder of the education advocacy group StudentsFirst.

The president-elect Mr. Trump is scheduled to have further meetings with a diverse group of people including Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, Rudolph W. Giuliani, and Kris Kobach, the Kansas secretary of state. Some further announcements are expected on Sunday by Mr.