Home News You won’t believe how many houses Barack and Michelle Obama own now…

You won’t believe how many houses Barack and Michelle Obama own now…


Photo: commons.wikimedia.org
Author: MC1 Chad J. McNeeley, USN

Barack Obama got his goal – he is now a very rich man!

America is poor, there is no jobs and the wages are low, but that is not important for Obama, he is finally rich!

Liberals are clowns, they only act as they care for the ordinary folks, but all that is only a theater!

Republicans are business oriented, they want and they know how to make America rich again!

According to Daily Caller:

Though the family has already leased a posh nine-bedroom mansion in the Northwest neighborhood of Washington, D.C. for when they leave the White House, Barack and Michelle Obama are now the proud owners of a fifth home on the West Coast.

According to Page Six, the Obamas bought a house in Rancho Mirage, Calif., a small town located near Palm Springs that is known for its golf resorts and was frequented by Obama during his presidency.

It is also where Gerald Ford retired.

The Los Angeles-based interior designer Michael S. Smith is reportedly in charge of decorating the Obamas’ new home.

The family — who is staying in Washington until their youngest daughter Sasha graduates from high school — now have five homes, in Washington, Chicago, New York, Hawaii and California.

My my, so White House is like bingo, you get loaded with money, so Obama got wha the wanted!

Trump is already very wealthy man, so he is going to focus on how to rebuild America, hatis going to be his main focus!

  • MolonLabe1836

    So, on a presidential salary, someone care to tell us where he got all the money to afford these homes?