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Photo of Female San Bernardino Jihadist Finally Released Delayed For Sensitivity to Muslims



The full identity of the female terrorist who with her husband murdered 14 Americans in San Bernadino, Calif. has finally been released to the media by the Obama Administration.

And the reasons for the delay in release are causing outrage among many.

Despite reports that the 27-year old Pakistani Muslim Tasheen Malik had obtained a U.S. K-1 fiance visa prior to her entry with her husband and fellow mass-murderer Syed Farook, it had not been released for more than 24 hours.

ABC News is reporting that that part of the reason for the delay is because of sensitivity towards Muslims. Thats because Malik was known to wear a full Saudi-style niqab daily, which covers everything but the eyes. So Obamas cabal held back this photo out of respect for a monster who commited murderous jihad against Americans for ISIS.

As bad as that is, there may be another reason for the delay: Malik provided fraudulent information on her U.S. visa application, and neither Obamas DHS or State Department caught the easily-verifiable info, raising fresh doubts about the Administrations ability to properly screen Syrian refugees.

ABC News was the first to reveal her photo:

Malik, who was born in Pakistan, moved to Saudi Arabia 25 years ago when she was about four years old. When she was older, she likely moved back and forth between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, according to a source close to the Saudi Arabian government.

In 2007, she returned to Pakistan to study at Bahuddin Zakri University in Multan and stayed until 2012, according to a Pakistani intelligence official. She was said to be a brilliant student and was not known to have religious or political affiliation while there.

Malik came to the U.S. on what is known as a fiance visa, which allows an American fiance to petition for his or her partners temporary entry before marriage.

For the visa application, as ABC News discovered today, the address she listed in her Pakistani hometown does not exist. But that information, which is supposed to be verified, was apparently not checked.

Malik received a her Green Card this summer, U.S. officials said.

This blunder, which gave Malik easy access to U.S. entry, will surly cause increased criticism of Obamas plan to import from 12,000 up to 200,000 Syrian refugees.

Pakistan is cooperative and has file-sharing with the U.S. for background checks. Syria is notorious for providing no access to files, and many migrants destroy their documents so they can claim refugee status. making backgr0und checks impossible. Yet the Obama security team still failed to catch an obvious fraud.

GOP critics took immediate aim. Donald Trump says hes now more against allowing Syrian refugees into the U.S. than ever, warning it could be a way for terrorists to sneak into the country.

Maliks process seemed to confirm what the GOP frontrunner told CNN last month:

We have no idea who these people are, we are the worst when it comes to paperwork, Trump said Monday on CNBC. This could be one of the great Trojan horses.