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SHOCK CLAIM: #Blacklivesmatter Members Planning to Kill White People and Police Officers on September 11th?


There is no doubt were all seeing a massive increase in disturbing violence against police officers and others based on race. One need not look further than the past few weeks to see the #blacklivesmatter narrative often times leading to violence and murder of innocent people.

But is it all about to escalate in a big way on September 11th, the day we all remember one of Americas greatest tragedies? According to a news tip it is.

Heres what the tipster sent our way.

FYI.. Just got word from [REMOVED], a Sheriffs Deputy in New Hanover County, North Carolina.. They are preparing for an onslaught of violence on or around Friday, Sept 11th! black lives matter has been ramping up with gangs & calling for an all out slaughter of whites & Police!! Calling for murdering them, burning down their houses, businesses etc all over the country! We will be leaving our home & going a town or 2 away where its not supposed to be so bad!! I pray it doesnt pan out, but I also pray that if it does, GOD will be with those that are attacked!!!

Ive put in a call to the New Hanover County Sheriffs Department but have no yet heard back. Im working on a few others ways to try and get some kind of confirmation but so far havent gotten anyone on the phone who would be able to confirm such a concern. That said, this tip is very specific and apart from the redacted name of the Deputy, is detailed enough to give us a county in North Carolina.

New Hanover County includes the city of Wilmington, a city of about 115,000 residents. A violent uprising on the anniversary of 9/11 would be terrible for the community and were hoping the report/tip doesnt turn out to come fruition.