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Trump May Not Be Able To Work In The White House For Over A Year!


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Trump is not going to be able to use Oval Office because Obama did not have time and energy to renovate the office!

So the office is not safe is not offering the demands of a president in 2016 technology and security levels and standards!

What a bozo is this Obama, oh my god!

According to NY Post:

President Obama is apparently refusing to renovate the Oval Office — and has instead decided to pass the buck to Donald Trump, who may be forced to work somewhere else for a quarter of his term as a result of the numerous security upgrades that will be going on inside the room.

“My understanding is that for the first year of his time in office, President Trump will not have the Oval Office,” former George W. Bush adviser Karl Rove told Fox News on Wednesday.

“President Obama could have told the Secret Service, ‘I know you want to modernize the Oval Office with security enhancements — literally strip it down to the bare walls and build it back up so we’ve got bulletproof glass and so forth and so on, security arrangements in it, in my last year in office,’ but instead he said, ‘Why don’t you do that [with] whoever comes next.’”

According to Rove, Trump may have to spend up to a quarter of his term working out of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building across the street from the presidential seat of power — which is where President Richard Nixon recorded some his infamous White House tapes.

“My understanding is, [Trump] will spend most of his first year using Richard Nixon’s old office in the Old Executive Office Building across Executive Drive and up the Navy steps,” Rove said.

Trump will have to start the rebuilding of America from the White House and then to go all over America and do the same!

But he is the right man for that challenge!