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Trump And Pence Walked Into Church Look What Happened Immediately!


Photo: Youtube Screenshot

New era is coming in American politics, folks!

We forget how it looks when US president goes to church!

Obama was afraid to not offend crazy liberals and Muslims!

This is why we love Trump and Pence. Our new resident Trump and VP Pence got a standing ovation from church goers on Sunday morning at a Presbyterian church in New Jersey.

They went to the church that’s two miles from the Donald Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster Township.

Watch this AWESOME video below. That video link is not broken so feel free to click play.

He got there for services at 10 a.m. He walked out an hour-and-a-half later to an enormous applause.

God bless Trump! You can see that Pence has had such a good influence on him. He is going to make this country great again. He is going to bring our Christian values back and he is going to keep them from getting attacked any longer.

A man named Jim Tiesi shook Trump’s hand and told him the nation stand with him.

“I just told him that I hope he understands the country supports him and not to be distracted by the noise” said Tiesi. He told me thank you.

America is going to be fantastic not just great! GOD IS WITH US!

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