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BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Super PAC Head Just Stabbed Bernie In The Back! See The Real Hillary!


Hillary Clinton had a sketchy start to the election from the beginning, having the DNC actively thwart Bernie Sanders chances in the primaries. This of course was revealed after the primaries were over, but this definitely played a definite role in Hillary losing thousands of votes.

In the end, it wasn’t anyone’s fault that Hillary Clinton lost other than Hillary Clinton’s.

Cheating your way into the election and then the other scandals of hers beyond count all contributed to her loss in the election, but Bernie Sanders supported Hillary even though she betrayed him.

Now we see what Hillary Clinton really thinks of Bernie Sanders.

One of the leaders of her Super PAC Ready For Hillary just called Bernie Sanders a white supremacist.

Hillary Clinton is determined to bring everyone down with her. If she can’t have all the power, than no one can and she will go kicking and screaming all the way out.

Image from The Donald:

Quentin James is ┬áthe perfect example of why Hillary Clinton and her cronies can’t be trusted and everyone associated with them must be removed from our country’s politics. These are the people that are poisoning the swamp and now it is up to Donald Trump to drain them out!