Home News Major Mexican company wants to Help Trump’s Big Promise Come True!

Major Mexican company wants to Help Trump’s Big Promise Come True!


Photo: commons.wikimedia.org
Author: Gordon Hyde / Michael Vadon

Trump idea for the wall on southern border is interesting even for companies from Mexico! Now this is a great news!

A Mexican cement company has offered up its services to help President-elect Donald Trump make good on his promise to build a “big, beautiful wall” on the border between the United States and Mexico.

This is very surprising development, this is one step closer to the wall being built.

The company, Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua, is one of the biggest construction materials companies in Mexico, with about 70% of their sales coming from the United States. They also have 3 plants located in the United States.

So the wall is going to open new jobs in America! Nice!

Chief Executive Officer of GCC Enrique Escalante told reporters, “We’re an important producer in that area and we have to respect our clients on both sides of the border.” He also said that his company would benefit from Trump’s plan to invest in infrastructure and energy.

For the business we’re in, Trump is a candidate that does favor the industry quite a bit,” Escalante added.

Reuters reports that GCC company shares are trading at their highest levels since 2008.

Trump campaigned on building a giant wall along the 2,000 mile border of the United States and Mexico to keep illegal immigrants from crossing into the country. During the campaign, he came under fire for his comments about illegal aliens.

So now we should see how Trump will find money for the wall. This is his biggest promise on which he won the election.

We are more than sure that he is going to build the wall! Trump is a man of word!