Home News Megyn Kelly Slams The Hypocrisy Of Liberals Praising The ‘Hamilton’ Cast

Megyn Kelly Slams The Hypocrisy Of Liberals Praising The ‘Hamilton’ Cast


Megyn KellyFox News host Megyn Kelly. (Image source: YouTube)

Megyn Kelly

America reacted very strong on Hamilton episode where a bunch of arrogant liberals went after Mike Pence!

And Fox News cast is in the game!

Fox News host Megyn Kelly during her Tuesday night show identified the hypocrisy of liberals and their reaction to the cast of “Hamilton” lecturing Vice President-elect Mike Pence Friday.

Kelly played several clips of liberal commentators praising the cast of “Hamilton” for their comments to Pence, many of which called the statement the play’s star read “respectful.” Kelly then recalled that in 2013 when Ben Carson criticized President Barack Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast, liberals were outraged.

New questions tonight about a possible double standard when it comes to free speech. We heard some voices signaling their approval after the cast of Hamilton publicly confronted Vice President-elect Mike Pence, following Friday’s showing of the popular Broadway show,” Kelly said.

But remember back in 2013 when Dr. Ben Carson was openly critical of President Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast? We heard very different reactions back then,” she added, before playing clips of liberal commentators up in arms over Carson’s “shameful” actions.

She is right. Liberals are so arrogant scumbags, they are always with double standards, they think they can criticize everybody but they should not be criticized ever!

They are like small children!