Home News Organiser Denies that RM30 Given Out During RELA Event is for Vote-Buying

Organiser Denies that RM30 Given Out During RELA Event is for Vote-Buying

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Featured image source: Malaysiakini

A RELA function that was held yesterday titled: “Leaders with Rela programme”, saw envelopes being handed out with money in them. However, event organisers denied that it was to buy votes as Sarawakians are due to cast their votes tomorrow in the Sarawak Election 2016.

The event was officiated by Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed, along with BN’s candidate for Tasik Biru Henry Jinep and was attended by over 900 participants, both RELA personnel and the public.

Credit: Malaysiakini

The function disappointed attendees as many claimed that they were promised RM50. When they found out that the envelope contained RM30 instead many were disappointed with the amount.

“They promised RM50 but only gave RM30. It’s too little,” said a female participant who traveled 30km to the event after receiving word about the money hand out.

Malaysiakini reported that attendees were supposed to obtain a coupon to exchange it for the envelope before entering the hall for the event.

Despite the event mentioning that ‘Rela members must go out and vote Henry Jinep’, organisers denied that the money is for vote-buying. Instead it was a gesture of ‘appreciation’.

“There is no vote-buying; there is no such thing as vote-buying. We are merely showing appreciation for the contribution of our members.

“The government has maintained peace. It has governed from the days of war until today and we have been loyal to the government in defending this country.

“So this is one of the things – we want to show our appreciation to those to have contributed to maintaining peace,” said a RELA officer to Malaysiakini.

Article source: Malaysiakini