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This Fox News host is being considered for a position in the Trump administration!


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Many public personas are being considered for important government positions in Trump administration.

Fox News host Eric Bolling is reportedly being considered for a position in the administration of President-elect Donald Trump, according to Politico.

This is a great choice, he is a great man!

Two sources told Politico on Saturday that Bolling is being considered for a position with the Department of Commerce, but no specific job has yet been offered.

At this time I can’t confirm anything,” Bolling told Politico. “I’m sure you understand.

If Trump offers him a position as spoke person for the White House, that will be great.

Bolling was spotted by the press at Trump Tower on Wednesday and possibly returned to the building on Friday. He is currently a co-host on Fox’s “The Five” and is a fill-in host for Bill O’Reilly’s “The O’Reilly Factor.”

Trump needs great people for his huge task – rebuilding the whole country and making it great again!

Previously, Bolling was a commodities trader and spent five years on the board of directors for the New York Mercantile Exchange. He joined Fox in 2008 after a stint at CNBC as a financial analyst.

Communicating with the American public is going to be very important task, so Eric can help a lot in that effort.

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