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Tucker Carlson vs. TV Business Owner who refusing to do business with Trump supporters !


Photo: YouTube Screenshot

Tucker Carslon is one of the best TV hosts in America!

He is so long on tv screens and he have great experience. He is also very smart. This time he had great moment on TV with Mathew Blanchfield, CEO of the Albuquerque-based internet marketing firm 1st in SEO, who went on Fox News’ to defend his announcement that those who support President-elect Donald Trump are “not welcome” at his company.

And the conversation between Carlson and the business owner was brutal.

If you are a Republican, voted for Donald Trump or support Donald Trump, in any manner, you are not welcome at 1st in SEO and we ask you to leave our firm,” Blanchfield’s original letter read.

That is very radical and out of line! How can this man do this?!

During the bewildering discussion on Fox, Carlson asked the CEO why he would say something like that. Blanchfield argued he is standing on “moral principle” and that he is intolerant of bigotry, racism, sexism and fascism.

The New Mexico entrepreneur went on to draw comparisons between Nazi Germany and the United States under a Trump administration.
And this is insane, Trump has nothing with Hitler and fascism.

When you say ‘fascism,’ I mean, you don’t really believe that? If you believed that Trump was a fascist dictator, then you would organize an actual resistance to him. You would be Dietrich Bonhoeffer, you would be fighting against him for real,” Carlson told the Blanchfield. “[W]hy wouldn’t you take up arms against him? If you really believe the country is being taken over by someone you compare to Hitler, then that’s — I mean — that’s like the worst thing that could ever happen.”

Blanchfield, who throughout the interview noted the number of death threats he’s received, told the Fox anchor that their discussion was his “resistance.”

These liberals are crazy and insane! They leave in a bubble and are think that only their thinking is right and ok. Tucker did a great job in this interview!