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CNN Just Insults White People!!!


Photo: commons.wikimedia.org/
Author: Ken Lund

CNN known for its liberal leaning, but they went even far more away from the truth, they attacked white people!

In a story about hate crimes following Donald Trump’s win in the presidential election, CNN puts anonymous graffiti messages in the “hate crime” category, but dismisses assaults on white people as “other attacks.”

How can they do this?! This is crazy!

Using the Southern Poverty Law Center’s tally of hateful incidents since the election, CNN reports a wave of hate crimes is sweeping the country and implies Trump and his supporters are responsible. “Fears of heightened bigotry and hate crimes have turned into reality for some Americans after Donald Trump’s presidential win,” the story begins. “And the list of incidents keeps growing.”

The story contains a running list of these incidents, most of which are examples of hateful graffiti messages found in various places and not crimes against individuals committed on the basis of race or some other prejudice. Several swastikas were found painted on a playground in New York City, for example, and “Heil Trump” was found painted onto an Indiana church. Other accounts, such as a woman’s claim she was robbed by Trump supporters because she was wearing a hijab, have not been proven.

But that is not the reason not to go nuts about small numbers of attacks against Muslims but be quiet about other attacks!

Actually the clearest example of a hate crime in the story is the assault of a white Trump supporter caught on camera. Several black men brutally beat the man in the video, verbally calling him “white boy” and accusing him of voting for Trump as bystanders cheer them on.

CNN buries details of this and other attacks against Trump supporters deep in the story, and does not designate them as hate crimes.

After noting the SPLC’s tally and a report from the FBI about a spike in hate crimes against Muslim Americans in the year preceding the election, CNN explicitly excludes the accounts of violence against Trump supporters from the tally. “And it’s not just incidents of hate crimes that have happened since the election; there have been reports of other attacks, too.

So why are not mass media reporting about all attacks?! What is the message that it is ok to attack white folks?!