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Iran Threatens if Nuke Deal Falls Through All Previous Commitments and Limitations Will Be Off the Table


As Obama continues weaken our countrys stance in the world by attempting to negotiate a bad deal with Iran, the dangerous reality of the situation is obvious to nearly everyone except those in the White House.

While negotiations continue past the June 30 deadline to a July 7 extension, the Iranian parliaments Head of National Security and Foreign Policy Alla A-din Boroujerdi has now warned that if talks fail, Iran will no longer be obligated to honor any previous commitments and limitations on their nuclear program.

We will produce new generation centrifuges and increase the level of enrichment to more than 20 percent if we need to. Boroujerdi stated.

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Alla A-din Boroujerdi, warned that if an agreement is not reached about Irans nuclear program is will be because of American demands, which he called excessive.

Boroujerdi explained, We want to move forward [with our nuclear program] and not to stay in the same place. And because we have the technology to do so, we will produce the new generation centrifuges. For our internal, peaceful nuclear program, we will need to produce uranium enriched to more than 20 percent, thus we will increase the level of enrichment.

Boroujerdi further stated that Iran will not accept any conditions or limitations on its nuclear program whatsoever. However, he said, America doesnt want this to happen. They want to reach an agreement that will enable them to control the Iranian nuclear industry.

Calling Americas demands excessive, the Iranian parliamentarian said if a final agreement isnt reached, We wont be obligated anymore to any of the previous commitments made in Geneva or Lausanne.

Earlier in the week, Iranian President Hasan Rouhani threatened, If they [the P5+1 negotiating countries] breach the [nuclear] agreement, we immediately go back to the old path, harsher than what they imagine. Rouhani was quoted by the BBCs Persian media site and translated by the Washington Free Beacon.

But have no fear folks, Obama insists that he will walk away from negotiations if in fact its a bad deal.

What a joke… Thoughts?

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