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Who’ll Sing At Donald Trump’s Inauguration…


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Author: InSapphoWeTrust

Now let’s go on the most serious question today – who is going to sing at Donald Trump inauguration service? More than a few celebrities have expressed their lack of enthusiasm for the new president. Elton John will definitely not be playing in Washington come January.

Earlier this week, a member of Mr Trump’s transition team told the BBC Elton John would be performing during the inauguration. But Elton John, who previously played a rally for the Clinton campaign, quickly responded with a “categorical denial” of the Trump team’s suggestion.

And that is not surprise, LGBT is not liking Trump so much…

We can also safely rule out Green Day. Performing at the American Music Awards on Sunday, the band chanted “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA” while performing their song “Bang, Bang”. So they are liberal scumbags.

Not all entertainers are so political, however; and some are firmly in Trump’s camp. Kid Rock, Azealia Banks, Wayne Newton, and the great Loretta Lynn are all on record as supporting Trump. That would be an interesting line-up on its own.

And all of them are great stars. They would certainly make a good mood for the special moment.

But if the Trump team needs ideas, there’s a hashtag on Twitter that might be able to help. Okay, probably, not as #TrumpInauguralBands is largely mocking of the President-elect, and in some cases downright disrespectful. But there are a few funny ones:

Earth, Wind, and You’re Fired #TrumpInauguralBands

— The Right Side (@fedupwith) November 25, 2016

Huey Lewis & I’m Gonna Sue The News

— TheValuesVoter (@TheValuesVoter) November 25, 2016

Whoever it turns out to be, they’ll get to bask in that odd bath of being more hated and more loved – simultaneously – than they ever have been before. But I think we all know who’s vying for the chance.

There are plenty of music stars there, we should not worry about it!