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BREAKING: Fox News Just Called Out Jill Stein’s Phony Recount Motives! See Her Scheme Destroyed!


Remember when the Hillary Clinton and the liberals said they would accept the results of the election? Well, Hillary Clinton lied to the American people because now she is using Jill Stein to raise money.

Money for a recount in the swing states that Donald Trump won!

Jill Stein is a Clinton puppet because all you have to do is look where the excess money goes.

Straight to Jill Stein!

According to Fox News:

Former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has raised nearly $5 million to fund efforts to push for a recount in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.  This has led to speculation over what Stein hopes to gain from a potential recount or if she is being used by billionaire investor George Soros or Bill and Hillary Clinton. ‘Stacy on the Right’ Show Host Stacy Washington weighed in on the potential factors driving the push for a recount.

“I thought it was interesting, she [Mary Chastain] points out that the thing that the Clintons crave the most is power and to continue to have influence in Washington, D.C.  And by forgiving her he would take away that spotlight.”

Washington explained that this has led to the speculation that Stein’s push for a recount is actually part of a plot by the Clintons to contest the election results without having their names associated with it.

“This connects to Jill Stein in that I’ve seen a lot of discussion online about people really suspecting what you just said, that this is really a ploy by the Clintons to get the recount done without having their name attached to it.”

This is absolutely disgusting! This can’t be allowed to happen and Jill Stein has now completely sold out to the Clintons!