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I Hated Donald Trump but I Voted For Him!!


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Many people voted for Trump even they did not liked him personally.

Some of his voters even hated him! But his program and what he represented politically made him a very attractive choice in this election

Especially if we know who was his counterpart.

This is a small part of a very interesting column in Huffington Post by Kerissa Kuis, MBA International Business Consultant/Spiritual Teacher.

Here it is a small part of it:

” I woke up on election day still completely unsure of who I was going to vote for or even if I was going to vote. I remember thinking I would rather die than to vote for Donald trump but Hillary Clinton was not an option for me. I knew voting third-party unfortunately was throwing my vote away, so ultimately I had to choose to vote for Red or Blue.

When it came to Clinton, I have strong moral convictions against political corruption and Mrs. Clinton has a long line of that. She was willing to do whatever it took to win, no matter how corrupt it was and her campaign was funded in some degree by the big banks, large media and corporations. There is truth in numbers. As much as I wanted to see a woman become president, she was not the one. I have personally put myself at risk many times to fight against corporate corruption and once lost my job for standing up for dozens of employees.

There was no way I could vote for her and go against my own personal morals; many of the policies she supports are against every fiber of my being. On the other hand, as a victim of sexual assault, voting for Trump was like voting for every man that ever degraded me. The words that came out of his mouth triggered my pain. I never felt like Trump was as bad as the media painted him to be, but voting for a man that reminded me of every man that ever hurt me was not happening.

I knew I had to vote. Abstaining wasn’t an option but I was torn in more ways than one. I decided to do what I do best as a spiritual teacher and surrender the outcome to God. I went into deep meditation and prayer, clearing any and all judgments and truly just listening to the voice of God. I knew my personal pain and judgments should not affect the choice I was making for the future of this country. I also knew that God knew best. When I came out of meditation, I heard a voice say “You have to vote against the corruption; you have to vote against the current system.” My first thoughts were, “Okay, I’ll vote for Jill Stein or write in Bernie.” It was then that the gentle, yet urgent voice said, “You have to vote against the system.”

More of the column read here.

This is a very interesting experience. Maybe a lot of Americans did the same. But we are more than sure that majority of Trump voters actually likes him.