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Spiritual Leader for the Muslim Brotherhood Defends Suicide Bombings Even if it Causes Casualties Among Civilians


The Spiritual Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sheikh Yousuf al-Qaradawi has just come forward condoning suicide bombings and defending their importance as a means for defeating a tyrannical regime.

Sheikh al-Qaradawi, who happens to be one of the worlds most prominent Sunni clerics made it clear that the deaths of innocent civilians are acceptable if the bombing is orchestrated in within the framework of a group. Like ISIS?

Going on further, al-Qaradawi clarified that individuals are prohibited from acting as suicide bombers alone… This statement pretty much destroys the Obama regimes claim that all of the Islamic extremists running around blowing themselves up are all lone wolves doesnt it?

Via ClarionProject

Qaradawi responded to a question on a TV show regarding a person blowing themselves against a group who belongs to a tyrannical regime, even if it results in casualties among civilians.

The remarks were made during the program Ala-Masouliyati (I Am Responsible) which is broadcast on the Egyptian satellite channel Sada el-Balad (The Echo of The Country).

An interviewer asks Qaradawi: Especially in the Syrian war, when a person blows himself up against a certain group which belongs to the tyrannical regime, even if it causes casualties among civilians, what is the law?

Qaradawi responds: The basic thing is this, its not allowed unless it is within the planning of a group. Generally, a person fights and is killed, but to blow himself up, the group must have a specific need for this. When the group sees that it needs someone to be a suicide bomber against others, when it is needed, and the group plans how he will do it, with a minimum number of casualties, it is permitted.

An individual is not allowed to do it. If a person wants to blow himself up, NO! You are not allowed to act on your own. You must act within the borders of the group, you give yourself to the group. The group is the one which sends individuals according to its needs. But individuals dont act on their own. This is what is needed on this issue.