Student Solves Eight Rubik’s Cubes Underwater to Break World Record

Student Solves Eight Rubik’s Cubes Underwater to Break World Record


Can you solve multiple Rubik’s cubes underwater while holding your breath?

Kevin Hays has a strong head for logic. He also appears to have super-powered lungs, and a propensity for setting world records.

The 20-year-old Washington University student recently made the Guinness’ Book of World Records for solving a total of eight (eight!) Rubik’s cubes in two minutes and five seconds. While holding his breath. Underwater.

Genius human fish at work.

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In over two decades since Hungarian architect and sculptor, Erno Rubik created his infernally mind-boggling puzzle, people have gone though all sorts of shenanigans to show the whole world just how fast and accurately they could group all the colored squares together in all six sides of the 3D cube.

How fast can you solve this brain puzzler?

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There have been blindfolded Rubik’s cube solving, solving a cube in as few moves as possible, single-handed Rubik’s cube solving, solving the Rubik’s cube using feet, and even solving the cube using feet while on a water ski!

Kevin Hays did one better. He did it underwater, all in one breath.

Kevin, who is an NCAA Division III swimmer on his school’s team, has been a Rubik’s cube speedsolver for the last six years.

He is rightfully called the “Genius Fish Human.” Because who else in his right mind would do this?

Kevin Hays, that’s who.

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On April 19 at Washington University’s Thurtene Carnival, Kevin immersed himself in a dunk tank, and held his breath for the two minutes and five seconds it took for him to speedsolve eight Rubik’s cubes.

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Hell, we can’t even do the one.

Kevin, who is a college junior and too young to give up this competitive sport, has revealed he will be retiring from speed cubing. But only after he wins the U.S. Nationals in South Carolina in August and the Rubik’s Cube World Championships in Brazil…;

…;which he promptly did.

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Does that mean this is the last we’ll see of Kevin Hays?

We hope not, because he makes the most adorable “concentration” face.

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