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WATCH: One Trash Mans Private Act of Patriotism Goes Public, Earning Him National Admiration



Last Wednesday started out like any other day for trash man Jeremy Fischer. He reported to work at 6am and began his normal route. But while in the midst of his 1,000 pickups for the day, Jeremy committed a simple act of patriotism that has gotten him national attention.

When Jeremy noticed an American flag lying in the street after being blown down from one of the houses, he didnt think twice about how to handle the situation. He got out of his trash truck and proceeded to fold the flag carefully and correctly, just like he was taught years before as a boy scout. He then returned the flag to its rightful owner, who was elated to see the care with which it had been handled.

The whole incident may very well have gone unnoticed, but a neighbor witnessed the whole thing, unbeknownst to Jeremy. Nancy Neet, who saw his act of patriotism, was compelled to post about it on Pride Disposals Facebook page:

This is a SHOUT-OUT to the garbage man that worked on 2/18/14, in the Fanno Creek Loop area. I noticed my neighbors flag had blown off its pole and I was going to get it for her after the rain and wind settled down. I happened to be glancing out my window when the garbage man pull up. He noticed the flag on the ground, and respectfully picked it up, and folded it in a Military fashion and carefully placed it on a post. No one else saw this going on, except me and God, and I shared this story several times yesterday it brought smiles to many faces, as well as my neighbor who is very grateful. Thank you, Mr. Garbage Man!!!! May God Bless You!

Luckily, all of the trash mans activities are recorded by a camera on his trash truck, and Pride Disposal was able to access the footage of their employee treating the American flag with such care. Although the modest Jeremy did not want any added attention for what he had done, it has now been recognized on social media and various news stations.

It is so great to see a young man with such respect for the America flag. As Jeremy put it, Theres a lot of sacrifice, a lot of hope, a lot of other stuff that is the American flag. I figured since so many people have died for that, the least I could do was pick it up. Our hats are off to Jeremy. His spirit of patriotism has inspired many others.