Home News Celebrities React to Death of ‘Brutal Dictator’ Fidel Castro

Celebrities React to Death of ‘Brutal Dictator’ Fidel Castro


Fidel Castro Is Dead: Celebrities and Politicians React

The news of Cuba’s former president and revolutionary leader Fidel Castro’s death, which broke late Friday night, has elicited a mixture of grief and jubilation.

The Cuban dictator ruled over the only Communist government in the Western Hemisphere for nearly five decades, keeping the country in poverty and nearly sparking a nuclear war. But Hollywood creatives were at times drawn to his revolutionary ideals.

President-elect Donald Trump tweeted early Saturday morning the abrupt announcement, “Fidel Castro is dead!”

Members of Hollywood also chimed in, while celebrations broke out in Miami among Cuban refugees who escaped the country’s harsh conditions.

The announcement was made by Castro’s younger brother and current Cuban president Raul Castro, and as the news hit the Internet, celebrities took to Twitter to react.


Some like Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Texas Senator Ted Cruz condemned Castro in separate statements, with Rubio saying that those who would praise him overlook the “thousands of victims” left in his wake when he led Cuba.

Others joked about Castro’s death, especially coming so soon after the passing of Brady Bunch mom Florence Henderson.

Raul announced that Castro’s body would be cremated later on Saturday. A period of official mourning has been declared on the island nation until December 4, when Castro’s ashes will be laid to rest in the city of Santiago.