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Maryland Prosecutor Mosby Under Fire for Appearance at Prince Concert



She was blasted for overcharging the police officers involved in the arrest and death of Freddie Gray. Prominent legal experts predicted the charges would be dismissed. The 6 police officers have filed a motion to force her off the case for a half dozen documented conflicts of interest.

Now Maryland Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby has thrown any concept of impartiality out the window with her appearance at an anti-police brutality concert last night.

Mosby, along with her husband Councilman Nick Mosby, not only appeared on stage, in front of thousands during a Justice For Freddie Gray concert by Prince, but also sat on stage on a leather couch as the guest of honor for the entire concert. (see below)


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Prince released an anti-police brutality song last week, and dedicated the concert to the man Freddie Gray who Mosby had charged with multiple charges, including murder.

Prince invited activists onstage, including Noche Diaz of the Revolutionary Communist Party, who said: Were here to remind people that just because there are charges, theres not justice, Diaz said. People can celebrate tonight, but the fight has to continue.

The fight for what? Convictions? That isnt supposed to be Mosbys job.

Her job to impartially provide that justice to both the police she has, in the opinion of many, overcharged, and to the family of Gray.

Princes song Baltimore is hardly impartial, criticizing police, and even throwing in Michael Brown, who attacked a police officer, and was not in any way a victim:

Nobody got in nobodys way
So I guess you could say it was a good day
At least a little better than the day in Baltimore
Does anybody hear us pray
For Michael Brown or Freddie Gray?

He throws in an anti-2nd Amendment screed for good measure:

Are we gonna see another bloody day?
Were tired of the cryin and people dyin
Lets take all the guns away

And parrots Al Sharpton:

If there aint no justice then there aint no peace

Everything one would expect from an anti-police, pro-BlackLivesMatter activist.

But not from an ethical, unbiased state prosecutor.

Reaction on Twitter was appropriately critical:

But even liberal former assistant U.S. attorney, Laura Coates, who had previously been one of Mosbys defenders ripped Mosby for her appearance:

Famed liberal Harvard law professor Alan Dershowtiz has accused Mosby of crowd-control justice and predicted the officers will be acquitted. He called the decision to charge the officers a sad day for justice.