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Trump Donates Made Huge Donation To Children’s Hospital !


Photo: www.flickr.com
Author: Gage Skidmore

Trump is one of the most charitable people in America! He has donated so much money, he is a great man!

Last October, at a rally in Las Vegas, a friend of Donald Trump’s introduced the mogul-turned-candidate with a story about Trump’s generosity.

You won’t hear this in the media, but Donald gave $20 million to the St. Jude children’s home. Twenty million dollars,” said Phil Ruffin, the owner of the Treasure Island casino, which was the site of the rally. The crowd cheered. Trump mouthed “Thank you” twice and waved.

Trump is so humble, he do not want to show off with his donations.

He could have used that $20 million for television ads, but he decided to give with children with cancer,” Ruffin said. “That’s Donald Trump.

Afterward, Trump spoke for more than an hour. He talked up his poll numbers (“I’ve been leading since I came out.”). He rehashed a recent GOP primary debate. Trump is motivation to many people in America, he is a business and tv star, politician and humanitarian.

Later that day, however, Trump retweeted a message from a fan, criticizing the mainstream media for not broadcasting Ruffin’s story about the gift. The implication, from Trump, was that the gift story was important (and, therefore, true).

If this is true, this is one of the largest donations in America!