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Hillary Will Fight Trump Again In 2020 !


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Author: Rich Girard

So Hillary never give up?! So now that is official! She is going to fight for presidency again! Despite her surprising defeat in this year’s elections, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton may take another run at the Oval Office next election cycle in 2020.

Oh my god, how could she?! This is insane!

Raising doubts about legitimacy of election, even w/out overturning result, is part of Clinton’s plans to keep her options open for 2020

— Ron Fournier (@ron_fournier) November 28, 2016

This information comes from long time White House press corps and Clinton aficionado Ron Fournier, as he posted this on his Twitter account earlier today. When asked where he had received this information, Fournier responded by informing his followers that it comes from people close to her.

If she really thinks this, than that is going to be very surprising for all America.

@that76spirit @matthewjdowd sources close to her. You read it here first.

— Ron Fournier (@ron_fournier) November 28, 2016

But the question is if Hillary Clinton does intend to run in 2020, will she have the same support she had in 2016? It should be noted that many of the problems that followed Clinton around during her campaign will not suddenly disappear in a few years.

Running interference for her was a full time job for the DNC, and even then she wasn’t able to beat President-elect Donald Trump. Trump himself consistently polled as more unpopular than Clinton, and she still lost her bid for the White House for the second time.

Democrats are not going to give her another chance, we are more than sure about that!

As we saw this year, if Hillary Clinton decides to put in her dentures, pull on her Depends, and make another White House run in 2020, no one in the DNC is going to stand in her way.

The DNC may be willing, but will the voters? There was much to be desired in the way of Clinton as a candidate for many, and for a time, many would be Democratic voters were migrating to 3rd party options such as Gary Johnson.

This especially after the leaked emails revealed the DNC had colluded to put Clinton at the top above Bernie Sanders by undermining his campaign from within.

At this point, Clinton might be damaged goods. A 2020 run would be a fundraising quest at best.

She is over. Her star is going down. There is no way she can be so close to presidency again!