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Trump Is Going After Clinton Foundation!


Photo: www.flickr.com
Author: Michael Vadon

Trump is going against Clinton Foundation! WOW! This is shocking!

There has been a new twist in the investigation into the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, Sandra Smith reported.

We all were thinking that Hillary and Bill will get out from troubles but Trump shocked them with this report.

While President-elect has now promised not to personally dig into the scandal-scarred organization, a new report from the New York Post says that he will instead ask his new ambassadors to aid in the probe.

This is great news! America cheers!

Ambassadors to certain countries may be asked to pressure the governments which they are the liaison to commence their own investigations into their relationships with the foundation.

The Post reported that two countries targeted in particular are Haiti and Colombia.

Leaked emails have in the past shown that entities with ties to Bill Clinton had been prioritized to receive federal funds in the wake of the Haitian earthquake, and a Colombian mining tycoon allegedly benefited from the foundation’s work there, the paper reported.

Norway and Australia have already curtailed their relationships with the foundation in the wake of this years’ WikiLeaks revelations.

If this plan goes on in reality, than this is going to really great news for all Trump supporters!

He promised to American public that he is going to put Hillary in jail, so let’s do it!