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“Trump Pilot” Talk to Celebs on Board Plane !


Photo: YouTube Screenshot

This is great story folks. During the lead up to the 2016 election, countless liberal celebrities remarked that they’d rather move out of the country than live in an America governed by then-Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

So they said that then, but what now?! Are they going to do it? Of course not!

Now that we are talking about President-elect Trump following Election Day, the overwhelmingly majority of those celebrities have now balked at their prior promises and are refusing to leave the country, opening themselves up to incredible mockery in the process.

And that is so sad! We were so happy when they promised us that they will leave!

Along those lines, a satirical recording was recently released of what the pre-flight announcement from a “Trump pilot” on a flight ferrying celebrities to Canada might sound like.

And this is insane! Pure magic!

Amid the noise of jet engines spooling up came the familiar tone of the pilot’s intercom being triggered. “Ladies and gentlemen, this is the captain speaking, welcome aboard Trump Flight 1600 with nonstop service to Canada,” the “Trump pilot” began.

We’d like to welcome all of our celebrity defectors, and we’ll get you out of America just as soon as the tower clears us for takeoff,” he continued.

The “pilot” proceeded to note that once the plane had reached cruising altitude the attendants would come by and collect their U.S. citizenship renunciation forms and would hand out beverages and crying towels.

Once we reach the drop zone, you’ll be guided to the exit ramp in the rear of the plane where you’ll take a crash course on parachute folding and be jettisoned shortly thereafter,” the passengers were duly informed. “We’d like to thank you for choosing Trump Airlines and hope you have a soft landing. Buh-bye.

You can hear the entire “announcement” here:

Unfortunately this is just a satire. America would have been so better place without this arrogant elite people.