Home News BREAKING: Hillary Clinton’s French Scandal Exposed! See Her Corruption Go International!

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton’s French Scandal Exposed! See Her Corruption Go International!


Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton laugh with Australian Defense Minister Stephen Smith before a wreath laying ceremony at Kings Park in Perth, Australia, Nov 14, 2012. DoD photo by Erin A. Kirk-Cuomo (Released)

Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and the entire Clinton Foundation find themselves in the middle of yet another scandal.

Following the defeat of Hillary Clinton in the election, the amount of foreign donations from major politicians suddenly dropped exponentially. Not surprising now that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have her position as Secretary of State to solicit money for political favors.

The FBI is currently investigating the Clinton Foundation for corruption, but now the case has gone international.

Isn’t it interesting that major French politicians were supporting Hillary during the election like the former French President Nicolas Sarkozy among others.

This wasn’t mentioned by the mainstream media, but when Vladamir Putin endorses Donald Trump then the world is about to end.

The story continues with millions of taxpayer dollars from the French Government being funneled into the Clinton Foundation.

According the the New York Post:

Foreign governments will be encouraged to investigate the finances of the Clinton Foundation while many of them have already cut their money transfers to the organization at risk of a major scandal. A source close to the transition team of President-elect Donald Trump told the New York Post that the new administration is preparing to put pressure on the US ambassadors to nominate it to treat the case of the foundation to foreign governments and suggest they investigate their financial arrangements.

According to Breiz Atao:

A few days after the electoral defeat of Hillary Clinton, the French tax authorities started investigating traces of tens of millions of dollars of government money has ended up in the coffers of the Clinton Foundation, according to a document reviewed by The New York Post.