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Hikers In Peru Noticed Something Strange Hidden Away On This Cliff Face



Ever wish you were an adventurer, or an explorer, discovering environs and relics unseen by human eyes for centuries? Its certainly a fantasy I had when I was much younger, but its one that I can always feel a tinge of in my adult-life. Wanting to escape the everyday and see something new, different, or unfamiliar is a feeling we all can relate to. Sometimes just surfing the web a little bit can give us a taste of what being a real explorer is like, but from the comfort of our homes. Check out the story below about some ancient statues in Peru, and do some exploring of your own.

These sarcophagi are ancient and awesome relics and ones that you know it would be really cool to travel to see.


The site is called Karajia, and is the site of the tombs of ancient wise men. The local people call the sarcophagi the Purunmachos.

Each sarcophagus is about 2.5 meters high, with the head of each ornamented with horns, and some with skulls!

The Purunmachos are around 600 years old and were discovered in 1984 by archaeologist Federico Kauffmann.

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There were 8 sarcophagi originally, but two were destroyed by natural causes. Luckily, because of the remote location of these six sarcophagi have stayed relatively intact.