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FULL MELTDOWN: CNN Is In Full Panic Mode After What Trump Did To Them Today! Jake Tapper Is On The Verge Of Tears!


Image Source: CNN via video below

CNN is falling apart at the seams and President Trump is a major reason why that is happening. The “news” organization was blocked from a small question and answer media gathering with Sean Spicer.

Of course CNN did not handle it well and posted on the front page of their homepage, “CNN Blocked from White House” which has now been updated to “An Unprecedented Act.”

Image Source: CNN

If you couldn’t tell, President Trump finally got to CNN and they aren’t taking it very well. Remember when President Obama targeted Fox News in a very similar fashion.

Leave it to CNN to go completely over the top and make sure that they won’t be invited back to the White House any time soon after this.

They aren’t trying to report the news. They’re trying to tear down President Trump. Simple as that.

Sean Spicer didn’t want to be interrupted by the chiding and charades of CNN more than likely and decided that they deserved a time out.

CNN’s Jake Tapper responded to the event and was so mad he almost came to tears!

.@jaketapper: "The White House does not value an independent press. There is a word for that: Un-American." https://t.co/iq7Ka3PPFd pic.twitter.com/GQLPAzRgMw

— The Lead CNN (@TheLeadCNN) February 24, 2017

Jake Tapper just went on a temper tantrum and started throwing out extreme accusations that blocking the media is reminiscent of a dictatorship.

Jake Tapper finishes his tantrum by going off on Trump for calling CNN fake news, but what he said next is beyond ridiculous!

He called Trump blocking CNN, The New York Times, and LA Times from the small media gathering “Un-American.”

No, Jake Tapper, President Trump was chosen by this country to lead this country forward and not for you to throw out accusations of dictatorship without reason and to call the leader of the free world “Un-American” makes you that very thing.