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CPAC Straw Poll Finds Trump Has An 86 Percent Approval Rating


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A straw poll conducted by The Washington Times found overwhelming support for Donald Trump and his administration’s agenda.

This new CPAC poll has found that Donald Trump is overwhelmingly popular amongst his party. Overall, 86 percent of CPAC attendees approve of the job Trump has done during the first month, while over 80 percent believe he is “realigning” the conservative movement going forward. The results, which were released at the tail-end of the conference, show that Trump receives support from wide swaths of conservatives.

This poll also pushed back on the medias anti-trump narrative when it came to the travel ban issue. As eighty-one percent of attendees approve of the executive action, which was shot down by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

The poll also acted as an advisor for president Trump on what the American people really want. As Forty-six percent of the poll’s participants said that the economy was the most pressing issue facing the U.S., while 28 percent picked national security issues. Only 13 percent believe social/cultural issues are the biggest issue, while 10 percent chose honest and integrity in government.

  • 86 percent of those polled approve of the job Donald Trump is doing as president.
  • 80 percent believe President Trump is realigning the conservative movement.
  • 90 percent approve of President Trump’s policies and agenda.
  • 94 percent said they approved of Trump Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.
  • 91 percent support Trump policy cutting off federal funds to “sanctuary” cities.
  • 67 percent say republicans in congress should be doing more to support Trump.
  • 75 percent want Mitch McConnell to end filibuster rule to nominate Gorsuch.
  • 81 percent approve of President Trump immigration executive order (travel ban).
  • 70 percent want Trump to continue using Twitter to fight back against MSM