Cruel Humans Poured Acid On This Cat’s Face, But He Still Loves...

Cruel Humans Poured Acid On This Cat’s Face, But He Still Loves And Trusts People


Back in June, this stray cat was left starving and in agony wandering the deserts of California, US, after a cruel human deliberately poured acid on the kitty’s head.

Luckily, the cat, now named Sir Thomas Trueheart, was discovered by a woman who immediately took him to the vet.

But his tragic tale didn’t end there, as the inept vet just gave the suffering cat antibiotics and ran some tests before suggesting Sir Thomas be put down.

The woman who found Sir Thomas refused to give up on him, and took the kitty to Milo’s Sanctuary, a non-profit specializing in giving disabled and abused cats a second chance at life.

Sir Thomas spent a month in the capable hands of a vet certified by Milo’s Sanctuary and, after a course of antibiotics, pains meds, and surgery on his wounds, Tommy regained his strength.

Amazingly, Tommy’s carers say he never stopped being full of affection and love towards them, despite his horrific experiences.

“Tommy was so brave and purred and kissed the people taking care of him,” said a spokesman for Milo’s Sanctuary.

Although his trusting nature almost cost him his life, this precious kitty just wanted to give and receive affection and love.

Tommy is now recovering at Lifetime Care Foster, and you can sponsor him .