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This Is The Obamacare Repeal Law!



Trump and GOP in congress are preparing fantastic new health care law that will replace Obamacare, and this new law is incredible!

Trump is a masterful leader, he is finding great solution to all American problems! His great experience and problem solving intelligence and knowledge is great asset for him and for US now when he is our president! Republican House draft for a repeal bill obtained by Politico provides new detail on what to expect if Congress does end up killing the Affordable Care Act. There are no major surprises here, as the plan is similar to Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price’s previous ideas. Here are some highlights:

First off, the bill would kill the unpopular individual mandate, which ensured that not just people with pre-existing conditions would sign up. Instead, under the new bill, people who didn’t have continuous coverage would see a 30% increase in premiums for a year.

The next big change would be in subsidies (in the form of tax credits), which in 2020 would switch from being income-based to age-based. However, the GOP’s plan would cut almost all the taxes that paid for Obamacare—except a tax that’s similar to Obamacare’s Cadillac tax, which would begin taxing generous employer healthcare plans in 2020.

Another big change in 2020: No more Medicaid expansion, and states would have federal funds capped by their populations, which would likely reduce the number of Americans receiving the benefit by 7 million, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

In 2019, the essential health benefits requirement that made certain treatments and preventative care covered in full would be sunset.

One of the most politically explosive pieces in the draft of legislation, which is currently unnamed, is defunding Planned Parenthood.

According to the draft, no federal funds could go to a “prohibited entity.” The bill includes abortion provider in its definition of “prohibited entity.”

Obamacare was a total disaster! Obama admin lied the American people about this socialistic crazy utopia, and we have so much problems now!