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Mexico is looking to strike back against Trump!


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Author: Gage Skidmore / Nicolas Raymond

Oh no, Mexico is planning to put economic sanctions to US, this is huge danger! This is a potential start of trade war that can ruin both economies! We hope that president Trump has very good plan for this, it looks very frightening!

Time has been wearing down on President Donald Trump himself,” Videgaray told members of the Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday, according to audio and transcripts obtained by the Mexican newspaper La Jornada.

He has had some important stumbles that have placed him in a reality of a system of weights,” Videgaray said — stumbles that have shown him “the non-omnipotence of a president of the United States, that he is a fenced-in president.” He also said the Peña Nieto administration was considering a more assertive response to one of Trump’s more controversial proposals.

If they place on us a tax on Mexican exports,” Videgaray said, “we are going to put one on them, but better, because we are going to choose [those exports] which hurt them.

Videgaray’s remark mirrors a call made by Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo in January, when he said Mexico should be ready to “take a fiscal action that clearly neutralizes” a potential border tax.

Products like corn from the US Farm Belt, where people voted heavily for Trump, may be the prime targets. And while corn producers say they doubt Mexico would go through the pain and expense of shopping elsewhere, many are reluctant to test that theory.

Oh no, this is a huge danger, an uncontrolled trade war that will last long enough can destroy both economies, this has to be managed very carefully.

President Trump should be very careful to not make big problems to American companies. We are more that sure that he will solve this problem very carefully!

We have to deport all illegals, and build the border wall. That is very important to American people. So we have to be very careful.