Home News President Trump Started Building Mexican Border Wall!

President Trump Started Building Mexican Border Wall!


Donald Trump MexicoImage source: Youtube

He did it folks! Trump started building the Mexican Border Wall!!! YES YES YES!

We were waiting this for so long! We voted for this, we marched for this, we lobbied for this, we prayed for this!

With this wall, Trump saved the American working class with just one move!!!

The Department of Homeland Security has announced plans to begin soliciting pitches for a prototype design of President Trump’s proposed wall along the Mexican border.

The notice, put out on the department’s website Friday, says contractors can submit proposals starting March 6. Submissions for the concept designs will then close on March 10, with selected applicants narrowed down by the 20th. The remaining vendors must then satisfy the full proposal request and offer an estimated price.

Homeland Security said it’s possible that multiple winners will be selected. It plans to announce the winning design(s) of the wall, which runs nearly 2,000 miles, in mid-April.

At a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday, Trump said the wall would be built “soon.”

We’ve defended other nations’ borders while leaving ours wide open, anybody can come in,” the President said. “We’re going to build a wall, don’t worry about it. We’re building the wall, we’re building the wall. In fact, it’s going to start soon. Way ahead of schedule, way ahead of schedule.

With this move, Trump is entering in the American political legends! He is going to be remembered as the president who solved the biggest problem in America for decades!

And that is the most valuable thing Trump has – he is a great problem solver! He doesn’t care about what will liberal elites say as long as the move is good for the country!

And that is a great asset for one politician! And can be dangerous, if the leader is young and stupid. Trump is opposite of that, he is experienced and very smart and very brave, so he will be great for AMERICA!