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What President Trump Just Said Made CNN Cut Him Off Mid Sentence! See The CNN Lose It Completely!


Image Source: CNN via video below

If CNN is going to freak out every time that President Trump says something about the media being crooked then they better get used to it.

What President Trump just said made CNN cut him off mid sentence!

President Trump was addressing the nation’s governors about the soon to be repealed Obamacare and decided that he would take a shot at the media once again.


It’s going to be a really productive discussion, so productive that i’m going to ask the press to start leaving because I wouldn’t want them to see any great productive session. But they’ll be seeing it and hearing about it…

Of course the mainstream media freaked out and CNN even went as far to cut away from President Trump.

While this was obviously a joke and if the media wasn’t so thin skinned they wouldn’t have freaked out and maybe even laughed themselves, but they are so determined to try and make President Trump look bad that they will do anything.

President Trump was trying to make a joke and the media took it as an insult. What’s new.

This is why people can’t trust the media. They overreact to everything and this is why people are so angry.