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This Is What’s Wrong With The Media! What MSNBC Just Attacked Trump Over Is The Least American Thing EVER!


Image Source: MSNBC

Leave it to the mainstream media to twist President Trump’s words into something they aren’t.

President Trump gave a speech to the nation’s governors the other day and in his speech he brought up the increase in our military spending by $54 billion.

Of all the things that the mainstream media has tried attacking President Trump over this is by far the most ridiculous.

They attacked President Trump for “wanting to win wars.”

President Trump in his speech referred to the days win America won it’s wars. When we didn’t spend billions of dollars and end up with a worse situation than we started with.

Trump said “We have to win. We have to start winning wars again. I have to say when I was young in high school and college, everybody used to say we never lost a war. We never lost a war, you remember. And now we never win a war. We never win. And we don’t fight to win. It’s either win or don’t fight it at all.”

President Trump couldn’t be more right. America used to go into battle with the intentions of winning and somewhere our government gave up on that idea. Those days are over.

President Trump is going to give America the best military in the world.