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This Is Why People Everywhere Are Wearing Safety Pins


You might’ve spotted more and more people online and in the real world wearing safety pins. It isn’t some kind of punk fashion revival — it’s an expression of solidarity.

Following Donald Trump’s election, many minorities expressed feelings of fear and uncertainty about the future. So people found a way to let concerned groups know they are a “safe” person.

While some people are calling the move an “over-reaction”, it can’t be denied that a wave of post-election hate crimes are sweeping the US, confirming that there is widespread hostility toward minorities.

And the humble safety pin came to the rescue.

The idea was inspired by the Brexit vote in the UK earlier this year, and wearing the pin shows anyone feeling scared that you are an ally and a safe space.

“Without a word, people may see your safety pin and know that you’re a friendly face.”

The hashtag #SafetyPin has been trending on Twitter as people have shared selfies of themselves sporting a safety pin.