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What Someone Close To Hillary Just Leaked Is The Best News Republicans Could Get!


Hillary newsImage Source: NewsMax

Hillary news

Hillary Clinton has never left and it appears that she definitely won’t be at least for the foreseeable future.

Author Ed Klein while working on his book was told by a Hillary Clinton war room staffer that Hillary Clinton is not only not done but she is planning on another Presidential bid in 2020.

President Trump couldn’t have gotten any better news than this.

Via NewsMax TV:

Steve Malzberg: Are you saying Hillary Clinton is going to run for president again?

Ed Klein: I’m not only saying it, I’m absolutely sure of it because my sources tell me that she is energized, ready to go, she’s going to write a book for Simon and Shuster… Then she’s going on another listening tour.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t know when to take no as an answer from the American people.

Other signs point to Hillary running again in 2020 like the new DNC Chair Thomas Perez that worked to sabotage Bernie Sanders’ campaign in the Democratic Primary, meaning that Hillary has an inside track to getting the Democratic bid once again.

Hillary just doesn’t understand that the reason she didn’t come close to President Trump in 2016 was because she is the most crooked person in politics.