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What This Judge Did For Illegal Alien Just Destroyed His Career! See Him Throw Everything Away!


Image Source: Clyde Robinson via Flickr

When will people learn that illegal immigration is exactly that ILLEGAL! The Democrats try and play sob stories of families immigrating to get a better life and that they are hard working which is the case for some, but that isn’t always the case.

There are also thousands of criminals that hop the border whenever they please and that has to stop.

But it is one thing for the Democrats to be preaching against our nations laws, but it is an entirely different thing for a judge to ignore our nations laws and help an illegal alien escape from ICE agents.

The Willamette Week reports:

A young man’s daring escape from capture by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, apparently with the assistance of a local judicial referee, has shocked and divided the Portland legal community.

Multnomah County court referee Monica Herranz is under internal review and the target of complaints from  a federal prosecutor after allegedly helping the undocumented immigrant elude ICE last month by exiting the courtroom through an employee door.

The getaway didn’t ultimately keep the man from being snared by immigration officials after pleading guilty to a DUII. But it demonstrates how everyday court proceedings have mutated, and how tensions have grown within the criminal justice system, as ICE steps up deportations under President Donald Trump.

Since when did our country and especially the people that are employed to uphold the rule of law start ignoring the very thing they swore to protect! This is a horrible scenario and this judge should never be able to practice law again!

How could they aid the escape of someone running from immigration?