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AG Jeff Sessions explains his recusal to Tucker Carlson!


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Liberals are going nuts about AG Jeff Sessions meetings with Russian ambassador. They are using any little thing to try to create a mess, and with their powerful mass media, they often succeed in that!

Look what they did to our new AG, they are trying to slam this fine man, this is the most respected politician in America, and now they are trying to make him a sick traitor!!!

U.S. Attorney General appeared on the Tucker Carlson show on Fox News Thursday to explain why he recused himself from investigations on the Trump campaign after allegations that he lied to Congress about his own relations with a Russian ambassador.

The question that came to me from Senator Franken [D-Minn.],” Sessions said, “he went into great length saying that day a news story had come out and said that various Trump surrogates were meeting continually with Russian officials as part of the campaign.

And he raised that question with me, and my answer went straight to that. It was the first time I had heard that, so I focused on that.

I had not had any such meetings, was not meeting with any Russian officials, on a continuing basis to advance any campaign agenda.”

Sometime before that, I had met, in my office, and in an official way, with the Russian ambassador, and so, that was the answer I gave, and I think it was an honest answer, Tucker, I thought I was responding exactly to that question, and it really became a big brouhaha. And I was glad to have a chance to respond today and explain it.

Recusal is not an admission of any wrongdoing,” Sessions explained. “It’s simply that whether or not you can be perceived as fairly deciding a case or evaluating a case. President Trump released a statement via Facebook supporting Sessions and blaming Democrats for the “total witch hunt.

So this is one huge NOTHING BURGER! Like everything else they claim about Trump and his aides. They are using fake news and false reports and stupid lies but they very often succeed to create total panic and chaos in America!

Trump administration will succeed to beat all of this crazy attacks, liberals are strong and brutal, but we are going to be victorious. Nobody can stop MAGA project! America will be great again! Trump political program will be put in place, our lives are going to be much better in every aspect.