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Dem. Senator Hugg President Trump Then Quarter Million Liberals Sign Petition to Fire Him!!!


For liberals there is no tolerance and respect for nothing, They are living in their world where there is no space for different opinion. Look what they just did to this democrat senator. And only because of a hug?!

The party of ‘tolerance’ has shown just how ‘inclusive’ they TRULY are. After a friendly hug between Democratic Senator Joe Manchin and President Trump during Tuesday’s speech, nearly a quarter million liberals signed a petition asking for Manchin’s removal from all democrat leadership positions.

There is no justification for Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer to anoint someone as a member of Democratic leadership who consistently votes with Trump’s extreme right-wing priorities, fails to defend our progressive values, and routinely collaborates with Trump by enabling his racist and fascist agenda grounded in xenophobia and hate,” said CREDO Action, one of the liberal hate-groups behind the petition.

On Thursday a group of activists will deliver the signatures to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s office demanding the ouster of West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin. Manchin has repeatedly been attacked by the alt-left simply because he doesn’t suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

That Syndrome is well-known in Washington and means that liberal politicians are going nuts against Trump just because they hate him!

So this senator just realized that the people liked the political vision and the program that president Trump is suggesting and now they are going to crucify him for that?!

What should he do, go against the wishes of his people in his state?! Why are populist so much hated and attacked?!

He is just listening to the people and voting for the laws that people are asking for.

All politicians in America should do the same. They should work for the people and not playing the party games and tactics.