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This Congressman Made DISGUSTING Comment About Kellyanne Conway, But Her Response Just Ended His Career!


Image Source: FOX News

By now most people have seen the image of Kellyanne Conway sitting on her knees in the Oval Office while President Trump meets with several black leaders.

Of course the mainstream media made this into something that it wasn’t and some liberal media outlets even cropped the image to focus on Kellyanne Conway and ignored the fact that President Trump was meeting with black leaders, because according to them he’s racist right …

Congressman Cedric Richmond out of Louisiana took what was already a ridiculous attack on Kellyanne Conway from the liberal media to a completely different level though.

What he said was completely inappropriate comment and out of line and completely unforgivable!

Richmond said that Kellyanne Conway looked “familiar”  on her knees, making a childish and lewd comment over the fact that Kellyanne Conway was simply sitting on her knees.

Leave it to the liberals to twist a completely innocent situation and turn it into a sex joke about Kellyanne Conway.

But it wasn’t Richmond that had the last laugh.

Kellyanne Conway responded like only she could and not only destroyed Congressman Richmond but also could have hurt his career in the process!

After backlash from the public over his horrible comment Richmond responded by not apologizing, but explaining his comment.

That’s right he still hasn’t apologized.

Daily Caller reports:

“Since some people have interpreted my joke to mean something that it didn’t I think it is important to clarify what I meant. Last night was a night of levity. Where I grew up saying that someone is looking or acting ‘familiar’ simply means that they are behaving too comfortably,” Richmond told TheDC in a statement.

Kellyanne Conway wasn’t going to sit back and take this horrible treatment from Congressman Richmond and went for the killshot.

Kellyanne Conway:

Asked over text if she thought there would be more media outrage about the comment if she were a liberal woman, Conway told The Daily Caller, “Yes.” She added: “And it is not just if I were a liberal woman, but if I were a pro-abortion one.”