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Waters: Sessions Russia Links Will Lead To Trump’s Impeachment



Maxine Waters appeared On MSNBC to talk about allegations Attorney General Jeff Sessions met with Russian officials. Maxine Waters then said that an investigation into the Trump administration’s connections with Russia “will lead to the impeachment of the president.”

This comes from the woman who has been wrong about everything since Trump decided to run back in 2015. “I think it has already been demonstrated that he is too close to the president,” said Waters. “He was one of the early supporters of the president. And I think he supports lifting the sanctions”.

This also comes from the corrupt woman who was investigated for ethics violations concerning her husband’s OneUnited financial institution.

This is a woman who has been itching to impeach the president from day 1,despite there being zero evidence to suggest he has violated his oath of office.

“It’s never too early if you understand how dangerous this man really is,” she said last month, again on MSNBC, according to Legal Insurrection.

Should we forgive her? Probably not, given her rich history of rushing to bogus conclusions and making outrageous remarks.

H/T – breitbart.com