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What This Russian Official Just Said To CNN Will Drive Them MAD! She Just Made Them Look Like Complete Idiots!


Image Source: CNN, Wayne Dupree Show

CNN is getting more and more desperate everyday and now they are going after Russian officials to try and get dirt on President Trump which will go no where of course, but they are trying to create a connection between President Trump and Russia.

A connection that doesn’t exist, but that won’t stop CNN from trying.

CNN correspondent Matthew Chance followed Russian Official Maria Zakharova out of a meeting and thinking he would fluster her and get her to slip up and reveal something, instead she turned towards Chance and destroyed all of CNN!

Maria Zakharova: “Mr. Kislyak is a well known..uh..I mean world class diplomat who was a deputy minister of foreign affairs in Russia who was communicating with his American…for decades in different fields and CNN accused him of being Russian spy..recruiting..oh my God, stop…stop spreading lies and false news! This is good advice for CNN..please stop spreading lies and false news!”

CNN and the liberal media are trying to weave a connection between Trump and Russia that just doesn’t exist and they are trying everything including going after Russian diplomats now.

Zakharova didn’t hold back and completely destroyed CNN and made sure to tell them to stop spreading false news more than once, but we all know they won’t listen to logic.