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Christians who refused to bake a cake for lesbian wedding are fined $135,000!!!


Photo screengrab from video below

This is a pure liberal terror in America folks! This has to be stopped immediately! Look what are they doing! THIS IS A PURE LIBERAL LGBT FASCISM!!!

Tucker Carlson spoke on Thursday night to the Christian couple who had to shut down their business because of a $135,000 fine after they refused to serve a lesbian wedding. They appeared on his show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, with their lawyer to discuss their appeal of that decision.

There’s been so much reporting on this,” Carlson said, “and so much of it has come from a very specific perspective that is hostile to you that I just want to establish what exactly happened. You all did not refuse to serve customers because they are gay, as I understand it, you merely refused to participate in any way in a ceremony you believe violated your religious beliefs. Is that a fair distinction?

No, we had no such litmus test for customers,” Aaron Klein answered. “We served everybody no matter who they were, every walk of life.

That’s part of being open to the public.” “These two women were in fact return customers,” his wife said.

Right, so they had been there before and you served them with no problems. So I think we can all assume that the problem was you didn’t want to participate in a ceremony that in any way you felt violated your religious beliefs.

So they served them, but they do not want to participate in the ceremony, the wedding, because they believe that the marriage is between man and the woman?! And because of that belief, they are fine with 130 000 dollars?! WOW!

We have to stop this! We have to make America free again! This is insane!

We need family values, we need freedom of speech and religion, we need conservatives, we need common sense!

Trump is a gift from god to us! We need him now more than ever! We are in moral and economic ruins!