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Oh No! President Trump Needs Our Help! Jeff Sessions Recusal Leaves President Trump In HORRIBLE Situation!


Image Source: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

President Trump and Jeff Sessions are in a bad place after Jeff Sessions withdrew himself from the proceedings on the investigation if the election was interfered in.

Jeff Sessions was forced to recuse himself from the investigation because the liberal media made a huge deal out of him having communication with the US Russian Ambassador while he was still a senator.

Jeff Sessions has not been found guilty of anything illegal during his communications with the US Russian Ambassador but he chose to step down to help Trump from being attacked by the mainstream media even more.

The only problem is the person that is now replacing Jeff Sessions as the leader in the investigation.

Acting Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente that was appointed by Barack Obama is now going to be leading the investigation.

Talk about bias! If the Democrats really cared about an unbiased opinion then they wouldn’t have forced Jeff Sessions to recuse himself!

This was their plan all along so that they can control the investigation.

They now have an insider investigating the election and with all the lies and tricks the Democrats have been pulling in the past year, who knows what they are capable of.

Nancy Pelosi has been talking about pushing for impeachment, but President Trump shouldn’t be worried if the investigation sticks to the facts and don’t try to make something up and twist it!

He won the election fair and square, destroying Hillary Clinton in the process. This is just the Democrats being unable to move on after losing every house of government.

President Trump needs our help to stand up to the biased mainstream media and removing the Democrats’ insider in the investigation.