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Watch: Small Kid Finally Stands Up To His Much Bigger Bully Who Wouldnt Stop Tormenting Him (VIDEO)


A small kid was being picked on in the lunch room by a much bigger student who kept tormenting him and saying things like:

Youre too fat to wear that!

The bully wouldnt leave him alone, and walked over to his side of the table basically instigating a fight so he felt like he had no choice but to stick up for himself.

Whats surprising is… the smaller kid remained cool, calm, and collected something most kids dont have the ability to do when put in these kinds of situations. He took a moment to remove some of his clothes before delivering a right-hand jab hook straight to the bullys face.

While violence is not always the answer, it must be noted that as soon as the bully hit the floor, the smaller kid got off of him and walked away.

Think this bully will ever pick on another smaller kid again?

Watch this kid finally stand up to his bully:

H/T: Live Leak | Featured Image: You Tube screen capture

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  • Margaret C Gayton

    Sweet, anyone who calls me fat gets a punch to the face. Its really how we should resolve all our differences.

    • november61

      Margaret stop with the pussified logic. as u can tell the little guy wasnt bothering him yet the way bigger bully wouldnt let up. sometimes kids have to defend themselves. as a child i was tiny wore ugly clothes got picked on by boys and girls. when i grew weary of this mess i fought back like him with my hands and they found out tiny poor girls had mean left hooks.

      • Emily Fravel

        I learned how to box in college. Im teaching my kids how.

    • Whats-Best-For-The-Country

      He was being bullied in the open…among everyone. It looked like they were in the cafeteria and if this is the case, this child was being bullied by others too. My mom said if you hit, be the first….hit the largest and the loudest and the others will leave you alone. Thats old school for handling bullies. Times have changed. Just hope the coward now doesnt go get a gun.

    • Emily Fravel

      One time, probably not. But if that kid has been dealing with consistent and persistent bullying, walking away, ignoring the bullying and telling will NOT stop the bullying. That bully wont be messing with anyone else any time soon.

  • bob

    every bully needs a punch in the face

  • Shawn Sullivan

    And with this zero tolerance that most schools have, the smaller boy will likely be sent to alternative school and possibly have a police record now.

    Thanks for the adults who were supposed to be watching these kids and did nothing to prevent this!

  • Echo Moon

    thank you to the parents who never bothered to teach their son not to bully. and a big thank you to the school for ignoring the problem until it finally got to this point.
    and congrats to the the boy who finally decided that enough was enough!

  • wingnutbuster

    Not an adult to be seen. Nice school.

  • Rose Norton

    Most bullies are bullied themselves at home. Many bullies dont even realize what they do is bullying. We need to teach our kids better. It is not manly to tease your sons and call boys who show any compassion sissys. And it is never wise to solve your problems with a punch. The young man in this video could have ended up with a serious closed head injury.

    • U Mad Bro?

      Sexist. Most bullies in school are girls bullying each other and you pull out what is manly? Sine men arent allowed to say what is womanly or feminine, you and your feminist buddies dont get to say what is or isnt masculine when living in a society built on the sweat and deaths of men.

      Let me see you comment on the 6 girls who stomped the christ out of that girl in a McDonalds because SHE attacked their leader. Lets see you comment on the 30 year old woman that raped a 15 year old boy she abducted at knife point. Lets see SOME kind of awareness of your own genders destructiveness before you set foot in the area of a boy being bullied.

      When no one is around to defend a child and the kids told everyone they can, this is the last resort. How DARE you judge from this video the entirety of what the boy went through.

      • Ernesto Bloberg

        So women did nothing during the course of developing this and other nations? The authors viewpoint was directed at the video subject not a catchall anti-bully theme at least from my perspective, but you are very correct in pointing out that that bullies come from both genders and our efforts should be directed at all types both female and male I just dont agree that this was an example of combating or identifying the female bullies. But you narrative on society built by men and death is way off!

        • Whats-Best-For-The-Country

          Huh? Scratch my head….you make no sense. Dude if you dont have anything to say….it is okay to say nothing at all.

          • Ernesto Bloberg

            read your statement I was responding to a portion of your statement Id you cant comprehend what you wrote well its a dark day for you there vato.

  • LastHitLeft

    Sometimes people need to get hit. Thats why lunch boxes used to be made of metal.

  • IQdaRadical Thinker

    I think a lot of bigots and bullies wouldnt be bullies if they got knocked the F out.

    Pacifism in the face of aggression is stupidity.

    Violence in the cause of self-defense is intelligence.

  • Emily Fravel