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What This Security Analyst Just Said About Obama Wiretapping Will End Obama For Good!


Image Source: FOX and Friends

With the way the Democrats have been acting in recent weeks it wouldn’t surprise anyone to see that this scandal isn’t true.

They not only sabotaged Bernie Sanders campaign but are now stalling President Trump’s cabinet picks and now they could have tapped President Trump during the election.

President Trump made a statement that he could have had his phones in Trump Tower wiretapped during the election.

The mainstream media is claiming that President Trump didn’t offer any evidence that he could have been tapped but earlier this year the FBI allowed a FISA request under the circumstances that there could potentially be a Russian Spy in Trump tower …

This is of course completely absurd because the FBI had previously denied the same request because their was no evidence that this was true.

Lieutenant Colonel Tony Schaffer joined FOX and Friends to explain how bad this situation really is.

This is what Schaffer had to say:

This is huge! I mean, dare I say this is Soviet level wrongdoing….The Obama Administration was taking on the form using their version of the FSB, or the KGB, to go and target a candidate.  Let me be very clear on this for your audience, simply because you don’t like someone does not give you the right as the sitting President to do something like this….

The fact that the President of the United States wiretapped the candidate from the other party is beyond insane. The fact that Obama walked away without being punished for this shouldn’t stand.

He should have been impeached for this.

They knew there wasn’t a Russian spy they just wanted to try and find information to try and stab President Trump in the back.